C5. The Natural Loctician Certificate Level 3: Difficult Dreadlock Maintenance.

Learn how to tackle Difficult Dread Maintenance using the Divine Hand & Hook Method of Dreadlocking

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The Natural Dread Loctician Certificate Level 3 is the final level to the Natural Loctician Certificate series. It is also a stand alone course on "How to Tackle Difficult Dread Maintenance Issues" using Em's high quality crochet method of dreadlocking - Divine Hand & Hook.

If you are a past student who has already studied the Natural Loctician Certificates either Level 1 only or Level 1 and 2 and you still don't feel 100% confident with tackling difficult dread maintenance or you'd prefer to learn from someone with 20 years experience to see how it's done at the highest level of quality then this course is perfect for you.

This course is also perfect for anyone who has a loved one with difficult dread maintenance issues or if you have prior experience (from elsewhere) dreadlocking with the crochet method but wish to learn how to add high quality difficult dread maintenance skills to your tool kit!

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  1. The information contained in this course must not be shared with anyone unless they are an enrolled student, each course is allocated a personal licence.
  2. If you own a salon and you are interested in this training you need to enrol in the Advanced Dread Loctician Course unless you can prove having experience as a high quality crochet dread loctician.
  3. Bundle discounts are offered to couples or salons. Apply by email.
  4. It is unethical and illegal to use these teachings to train others.
  5. If in the unlikely event a student has an injury occur from their dreadlocking the owner/trainer is not liable. (this can sometimes be a hook in a finger). The student takes full responsibility for their actions & must seek appropriate first aid.
  6. The earnings & results of the owner & other students are indicative of their personal efforts, you are entirely responsible for your own success.
  7. You are agreeing to all these T&C's by enrolling in the course.


Em's only 5 star reviews from clients and students alike are testament to the fact that she offers the best in dreadlocking services & training. But to here what her clients & students say please read the testimonial below and click here to find more reviews on Google and Facebook.

"After extensive research I can confidently say that this way of doing dreadlocks is the best, creating 'instant locks' that other methods take a year or more to achieve . if you are in the position I was in not to long ago wondering which dreadlock course to do CHOOSE THIS ONE .... the quality of work you will learn to do will keep your clients coming back over and over and the facebook group you will have access to is priceless. Em is professional and goes above and beyond the course providing help every step of the way! Even after you are certified!"

- Amanda Kashyup, Dread Loctician - Shanti Dreadlocks

You will love the difference it makes feeling fully confident with tricky maintenance issues compared to fumbling your way through. Any issues not presented here you can get support for in the private Facebook group!

Enjoy tackling difficult dreadlock maintenance with your new skills!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. If in the future the online course platform ends or business stops this course will be made available to you to download in full.
Is there any support with this course?
Yes! If you are also a current or past student of the Natural or Advanced Loctician Certificate Course you will have full access to the private Facebook support groups. If you have gained your dreadlocking experience elsewhere and have not trained with Divine Dreadlocks or have bought this for personal use then you will have access to support via email.
Is there an assessment with this course?
NO. The Level 3 course is not formally assessed.
Are refunds available if I'm not satisfied with the course?
Divine Dreadlocks has only 5 star ratings and the course is jam packed with value! Please check the curriculum & make a conscious decision to enrol. If you buy this course without making a conscious decision and within the first 3 days discover that it is not right for you, then write to divinedreadlockstraining@gmail to say why and to request a full refund. This will be granted on the basis that an honest and valid reason is presented within 3 days.

Your Instructor

Em Divine
Em Divine

Em has been working with dreadlocks since she got her first dreadlocks in Thailand in the year 2000. She taught herself how to do her own dread maintenance using a small crochet hook and quickly she began to get maintenance requests from other travelers who were amazed that no wax or rolling was involved. Because back then - nobody outside of Bangkok knew about the crochet method of doing instantly permanent dread work! It was all about backcomb, roll, twist, rip & roll or wax wax wax!

Em travelled the world over a continuous 6 year period creating & maintaining dreads for people in UK, Italy, Holland, Spain, Brazil and on her return to Australia in 2006 she discovered that there were no dreadlock services utilising the crochet hook method in existance. This was when she turned her travel hobby biz turned into a true part time business and Divine Dreadlocks was born.

Through word of mouth and rave reviews her reputation grew to an international standing which enabled her to be booked out 6 months in advance. This allowed her to stop working as a high school teacher (design & technology) and to earn a decent wage in a 3 day working week, being at home as her babies were born and grew to school age.

Due to requests to teach others her skills and trade, she utilised her professional teaching knowledge to create a series of dreadlocking courses to help others learn how to do dreadlocks properly.

The Natural Dread Loctician Course series is aimed at empowering others to have all the skills and knowledge necessary to set up their own "lifestyle businesses" from home, studio or hair salon offering a high quality dreadlock service.

She wishes to empower as many people as possible to work in ways that allow them to:

1) Be their own boss,
2) Feel the freedom of choosing their own work days and hours,
3) Earn good money from home (up to $70/hr)
4) And gain financial stability or abundance with children.

Feel free to connect via email if you have any questions about her offerings!