C6: Advanced Natural Loctician Course 3 Level Bundle (Levels 1,2 & 3)

Learn to be an Advanced Dread Loctician & run your own Professional Dreadlocking Service

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The Advanced Loctician Certificate Course is the most comprehensive and professional course on how to be a Natural Dread Loctician available.

It is a mega bundle course containing all 3 levels of the Natural Loctician Certificate series. You will get the following courses in this bundle -

  • Natural Loctician Certificate Course Level 1 - which teaches you the Divine Hand & Hook artisan crochet method of dreadlocking (this is the highest quality dread method available) for all natural dread creation, maintenance and how to start your own dreadlock service biz with an ethos of high customer service.

  • Natural Loctician Certificate Level 2 - which teaches you how to add a seamless high quality dreadlock extensions and wraps service to your biz, and

  • Natural Loctician Certificate Level 3 - which teaches you how to tackle difficult dreadlock maintenance issues.

Each level builds on the skills of the previous level and the first 2 levels have assessments which allow you to get direct feedback from Em on your application of the dreadlocking technique, your results & how you work (body ergonomics & safety). You'll gain a Natural Loctician Certificate after successful completion of Level 1 and an Advanced Loctician Certificate and digital badges after successful completion of Level 2. Level 3 is not assessed.

This level of feedback & support enables you to improve on every level of importance, to give you full confidence that when you graduate you are:

Creating neat, tight dreads of a high quality.

*Working in a way that is safe for your client & sustainable for yourself,

*Offering the best client service experience,

*Going to gain speed to end up being a fast loctician, who doesn't compromise on quality (like many out there)

It is this assessment and certification process that sets you apart from the average Loctician or Dreadlock Artist out there and enables you to offer the best service at a good price.

Such an ethos can help you to create a reputable dreadlock service & gives you every chance of success to build a small business on the side of a current job or parenting that allows you earn some extra cash OR you have the opportunity to do this as your main 'job' and make a full time wage in a part time working week!

Your trainer has accomplished a $1000 in 3 day week for many years (from 2010 to 2020). So if you have other responsibilities, you can choose to work certain weeks of the year, or crank it up & work all year to earn $50k. You can also choose to work more days and earn as much as $100k a year, if that is what you want.

The end results are up to you, however unlike many other trainings out there, you will not be left needing to work things out by yourself after you complete the course. Every detail of operating your dread biz is included (except marketing - as that's a whole other course - but some tips are given in 6 months of support emails you will receive after graduation).


  • Anyone who wants to be their own boss, create their own working hours & meet lovely people.
  • People who love dreads & wish to make & maintain them for a living.
  • People who appreciate dreads & want a creative lucrative at home business.
  • Mums who don't wish to return to work after having kids.
  • Dads who don't wish to return to remote jobs after having kids.
  • Anyone wishing to escape the 9-5 rat race.
  • Young school leavers with an interest in a service orientated business.
  • Hairdressers who wish to add natural dread creation to their list of skills.
  • Hairdressers who wish to get away from the chemical method of making dreads.


Scroll down the page to view the entire course curriculum!


  • Be your own boss and choose the days and hours you work!!
  • Work from home and save money & time NOT driving!
  • Take holidays and time off when you want to!
  • Quit a job that you don't like and crank up a dreadlocking business as your main source of income! To get more fulfillment in what you do.
  • Offer the highest quality dreadlocking & customer service!
  • Operate as a hobby business around your main job to earn extra cash to save for travel, holidays, renovations etc Eg: $400 a week.
  • Run it as a lifetyles biz and work 3 days to earn up to $1000 a week.
  • Work as much as you can to earn up to $2000 for a 5 day week.
  • Earn from $AU25 to $AU70 per hour! That's $US20 to $US60 per hour.
  • Have a business with no overheads! Once you've got a couple of chairs and your tool kit it's all profit!
  • Create the kind of dreads that people are proud of, ones that raise the perceptions of dreads in society!
  • Be tutored by someone who has used these methods to create and maintain her own dreads for 12 years! And applied them for others over 20 years!
  • Know that this method will work for people of all backgrounds, because it has been tried and tested on thousands of clients with different hair types.
  • Use this method equally on Caucasian, Asian or African hair!
  • Have the opportunity to gain a loyal following of repeat clients!
  • Enjoy what you do and wake up smiling every "working" day!
  • Meet a wide range of really lovely people!
  • Be creative, add dread accessories or natural dread care products to your business.
  • Be supported by your trainer, other students and graduates of the course in the private Facebook Group: Divine Dreadlocks Natural Locticians


  • Order your Loctician Tool Kit HERE before or at the same time as enrolling. (The kit can take 5-10 biz days to students who live outside Australia, so you may wish to source the exact same items yourself from local suppliers using Ebay or Amazon, get the full kit list in this PDF link)
  • Read all the info in the course description & FAQ's on this course page and look at the free "OVERVIEW" and "COURSE INTRODUCTION" in the curriculum if you like, to help you make a fully informed decision.
  • Enroll in this course and follow the Course Guide to become a certified top quality, all natural Dread Loctician in as little time as 1 week or as long as 6 months if you are fitting in the course around work or study. Enjoy!


ALL YOU NEED TO STUDY THIS COURSE IS A FULL LOCTICIAN KIT AND IDEALLY A COMPUTER (because mobiles are too small for practical videos).


If you live outside of these regions, then it can take 5-10 business days to post to you, so you may wish to order the tools from local suppliers. Here is a link to the tool contents list PDF.


  1. The information contained in this course must not be shared with anyone unless they are an enrolled student, each course is allocated a personal licence.
  2. If you own a salon and you are interested in having more than one person trained & certified it is vital that each person enrol separately in the course & get assessed by the trainer to maintain quality for clients & loctician confidence & credibility. It is unethical/illegal to use these teachings to train others yourself.
  3. The student is required to submit assessments on time & be self responsible for being assessed and certified.
  4. If in the unlikely event a student has an injury occur from their dreadlocking the owner/trainer is not liable. The student takes full responsibility for their actions & must seek appropriate first aid. (this can sometimes be a hook in a finger).
  5. The earnings & results of the owner & other students are indicative of their personal efforts, you are entirely responsible for your own success.
  6. You are agreeing to all these T&C's by enrolling in the course.


Email Em if you would like to have more than one person qualified and certified in the Divine Hand & Hook method of all natural dreadlocking. You will be eligible for a bundle student discount.

"I’ve taken two courses through Em’s online training. She is a natural born teacher . I highly recommend her courses if you are looking to create dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions without any fuss . No products , no waxes and no chemicals . After you have taken the courses and start to work on clients she continues to give you on going support. Thank you Emma for spreading your knowledge and expertise!"

- Jackie Olsen, Founder, JackieOArtistry, Lampan - Canada

"Hi, my name's Cindi and I've just completed the Advanced Loctician Course....Ema covered every aspect of dreadlocks....their creation, maintenance, repairs, quotation, consultation, charging client etc....everything was covered. I feel ready to start my own dreadlocking business in Adelaide "with confidence". Ema was a wonderful teacher & she's a beautiful woman....
I've made new friendships and I know I'll have the support if I ever need it. All in all it was a brilliant course and I'll be forever grateful to you Em...A big thank you.
Much Love, Cindi"

- Cindi Baker, Founder, Lotus Locks Adelaide, Australia.

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

C4. The Natural Dread Loctician Certificate Level 2: Extensions & wraps
Everything you need to know to add a lucrative, high quality extensions & wraps service to your dread biz!
Em Divine
C5. The Natural Loctician Certificate Level 3: Difficult Dreadlock Maintenance.
Learn how to tackle Difficult Dread Maintenance using the Divine Hand & Hook Method of Dreadlocking
Em Divine

Original Price: $994

So if you'd like to live life on your own terms

You enjoy helping others

And you love dreadlocks

Join the happy tribe of Advanced Dread Locticians!

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now. You create your own timetable using the guide to suit your personal schedule. You can study when and where you like. There is no end date, however you have 6 months from purchasing the course to be eligible for getting assessed & certified. This is 3 months for Level 1 and 3 months for Level 2. Level 3 has no practical assessment.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. If in the future the online course platform ends or business stops this course will be made available to you to download in full.
Is there assessments with this course?
YES! Both Levels 1 and 2 have assessments included to allow you gain your trainers expert knowledge to assist you in your dreadlocking practice. There is a clear assessment guide for you to follow.
Can I get this course with a payment plan?
YES! There is a payment plan with this course. Just select the payment plan option at check out.
Are refunds available if I think the course hasn't provided me with any value?
This course has only 5 star ratings and is jam packed with value! Please check the curriculum & make a conscious decision to enrol. If you buy this course without making a conscious decision and within the first 3 days discover that it is not right for you, then write to divinedreadlockstraining@gmail to say why and to request a full refund. This will be granted on the basis that an honest and valid reason is presented within 3 days.
Do I get a certificate & is it internationally recognised?
YES! You will get a Natural Loctician Certificate after passing Level 1 & an Advanced Loctician Certificate (and digital badges) after passing Level 2. Divine Dreadlocks Training & methods carry international recognition of high quality dreadlocking services. Some past students have used them to get jobs in salons.
Can I work in any country with this?
YES! You can operate anywhere in the world. Just be sure to follow your country & states business rules. You are required to learn this at your own discretion.
Is there support with the course?
YES! Via support emails and a private Facebook support group. This is free & ongoing.
I heard I can make money from your courses. Is that correct? How??
YES! Em is opening a Divine Dreadlocks Training AFFILIATE program where all graduated students of her courses can earn money from a successful referral to any course. The payments you can EARN are from $16 to about $350 depending on which course you have sold and which affiliate level you're on. THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all those with digital marketing knowledge, a big social following or simply for those locticians who are happy to speak about their positive experiences with the course & who may gain interest via conversing with clients. Email: [email protected] with the SUBJECT: I'm interested in being an affiliate to apply.
Do I need another license to operate?
NO, you don't need a licence to run a dreadlock service anywhere in the world (as far as the owner is aware) except USA where many states request a cosmetology certificate for people running a service working with hair. You need contact the chamber of commerce in your state and look this up to see if a license if required if you live in USA. However many dread artists have operated for years without this, so it seems a grey area. You can check this blog on the topic that may have updated info: https://www.divinedreadlocks.com/2017/05/26/do-you-need-a-licence-to-be-a-loctician/

Your Instructor

Em Divine
Em Divine

Em has been working with dreadlocks since she got her first dreadlocks in Thailand in the year 2000. She taught herself how to do her own dread maintenance using a small crochet hook and quickly she began to get maintenance requests from other travelers who were amazed that no wax or rolling was involved. Because back then - nobody outside of Bangkok knew about the crochet method of doing instantly permanent dread work! It was all about backcomb, roll, twist, rip & roll or wax wax wax!

Em travelled the world over a continuous 6 year period creating & maintaining dreads for people in UK, Italy, Holland, Spain, Brazil and on her return to Australia in 2006 she discovered that there were no dreadlock services utilising the crochet hook method in existance. This was when she turned her travel hobby biz turned into a true part time business and Divine Dreadlocks was born.

Through word of mouth and rave reviews her reputation grew to an international standing which enabled her to be booked out 6 months in advance. This allowed her to stop working as a high school teacher (design & technology) and to earn a decent wage in a 3 day working week, being at home as her babies were born and grew to school age.

Due to requests to teach others her skills and trade, she utilised her professional teaching knowledge to create a series of dreadlocking courses to help others learn how to do dreadlocks properly.

The Natural Dread Loctician Course series is aimed at empowering others to have all the skills and knowledge necessary to set up their own "lifestyle businesses" from home, studio or hair salon offering a high quality dreadlock service.

She wishes to empower as many people as possible to work in ways that allow them to:

1) Be their own boss,
2) Feel the freedom of choosing their own work days and hours,
3) Earn good money from home (up to $70/hr)
4) And gain financial stability or abundance with children.

Feel free to connect via email if you have any questions about her offerings!