Introductory video & explanation of Contents to plan study.

Welcome to the Natural Loctician Certificate Course Level 3!

This course is the 3rd level in the Natural Loctician Certificate Courses and the last course within the Advanced Loctician Certificate Course. Divine Dreadlocks Loctician certificate courses are designed to teach anybody the skills and knowledge set necessary to enable you to offer a professional dreadlocking service to clients (aka set up your own lifestyle business in the growing dreadlocking niche).

They are private, high quality courses created by an experienced Dread Loctician of 20 years and qualified & experienced teacher of 10 years. They are carefully designed for all different learning types to be able to follow the tutorials and get the best tuition possible.

You will probably have completed Level 1 and/or 2 already by the time you get to this course, as each level has been released in an order that begins with the easiest dreadlock learning first and progressively gets more difficult with each level.

You may also have bought this course having not completed any study with Divine Dreadlocks, but if this is the case and you are using the course to advance your dreadlocking knowledge for servicing clients, you will have some prior experience dreadlocking using the crochet hook method.

You may also have bought this course for private use to do the dread maintenance for a loved one.

Whatever your reason, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

Support for all students studying this course as part of the Advanced Loctician Certificate:

  1. The first base for support, eg having any questions answered